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J.S.I. Preventive Maintenance

J.S.I. can provide a comprehensive service plan for your dust, mist or fume collectors on an annual basis almost anywhere in New England. If you would like to learn more about J.S.I.'s Service Plans available, or for a quote, please contact us on (860) 928-0786 or via email:

J.S.I. New England Service Map

The inspection will consist of the following: (If applicable)

- Record model and serial number data.
- Record electrical data, consisting of the following:
- Volt readings, phase to phase.
- Volt readings, phase to ground.
- Ohms readings, phase to phase. (unit will need to be off)
- Ohms readings, phase to ground. (unit will need to be off)
- Phase amperage readings.
- Record motor plate data.
- Blower total static pressure.
- Blower tag information.
- Bearing temperature. (Unit will need to be running for approx. 40
minutes prior to arrival to obtain accurate reading.)
- Record system airflow data, consisting of the following:
- Velocity pressure in the main duct.
- Static pressure in the main duct.
- Calculate system CFM
- Calculate FPM.
- Record filter cartridge or bag inspection data.
- Inspect and record the condition of all gaskets and caulked seams.
- Record the filter pressure drop upon arriving and then after the cleaning
system is tested. (It will lower because of this.)

- Initiate the cleaning system to check the following components:

- Solenoid valves.

- Diaphragm valves.

- Timer board.

- Shaker motor and associate components.

- Record the pressure of the cleaning system compressed air.

- Record the "on" and "off" time for the cleaning system.

- Inspect and record the condition of any chains or belts.

(unit will need to be off)

- Inspect the condition of the drum and drum cover gasket.

- Inspect the condition of the flex under the hopper.

- Inspect the condition and operation of the slide gate.

- Inspect the condition of the explosion vent weather covers.

- Inspect and record any other pertinent data.


Service technicians are Donaldson factory trained, and have the following safety training:

  • Confined Space

  • Lock-out/Tag-out

  • Hazard Communication

  • Lift Equipment Operation

  • Respirator Fit Tested/Trained

  • 10-Hr OSHA

  • MSHA

  • Hot Work

  • And more…


Important Notes:

  • For the safety of our technicians, we require the SDS(MSDS) for the material collected to assure proper PPE is used during inspection

  • For a complete inspection, the unit will need to be shut down and locked out during the service. The length of time will vary depending on the collector type and complexity of the system, but would typically range from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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