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Portable filter system with the highest filter rating (ULPA) for virus filtration


In these difficult times it's imperative we all stay vigilant with protecting our families and our customers. There is major headway taking place to help those on the front lines. It's with this J.S.I. can help purify your air and we have been working with dentists and health care professionals. Whether it be extraction arms to exhaust to atmosphere, HEPA or ULPA filtration for the return of the air or a combination of both. Below is just one example of how we are helping folks in a portable fashion. Please feel free to contact us at anytime for further information.

Portable filter system for environments where protection against viruses is essential, e.g. dental clinics, healthcare facities and laboratories.

MOVEX LFK U is an effective and flexible solution consisting of a fan, filter and fume extractor in a single unit. It is highly suitable for use in healthcare environments where exhaled air, which could potentially contain viruses or residues from inhaled medicines, can be problematic.

Viruses in their dry form are in the size of 0.08-0.12µm, but viruses are usually attached to an aerosol and hence are almost always larger in size. An ULPA filter with a separation efficiency of >99.9995%, is very suitable for filtering these particles.

Movex LFK 150U and LFK 175U have an ULPA filter (FPU 50) as standard. The filter is rated ULPA 15 and tested in accordance with EN 1822-1 and has a separation efficiency of >99.9995%.


The filter has been tested against the MPPS (most penetrating particles) method with a size of 0.17 µm, which is the most difficult size for a filter to capture. For smaller or larger particles, the filter has a higher separation efficiency.

The filter test is carried out at an airflow of 60 cfm of filter area. At higher airflows the separation efficiency is reduced. The Movex FPU 50 has a filter area of 54 sq./ft. and can thus withstand an airflow of up to 290 cfm without impaired separation efficiency.

Many competitors have relatively small filter area and open filters. FPU 50 is a closed filter that encloses trapped particles and thus does not expose the user to these when filtering is replaced.

Viruses caught in the filter cartridge are trapped in the fibers of the filter media. Once the virus gets stuck, it will rest in the filter media and soon dry out and die, due to the air flow passing through.

Multistage filtration does not provide a better result than a single stage filtration. A level of protection provided by a filtration system is based on the total separation efficiency over all filter steps. One-stage filtration can provide higher filtration than two-stage filtration if a higher filter class is used at this stage. The purpose of multi-stage filtration is mainly to extend the lifetime of more expensive final filters.


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